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The Joshua Slocum Society International (JSSI) was a non-profit corporation first incorporated in 1972. It was founded in 1955 by sailing enthusiast Richard Gordon McCloskv to record, encourage, and support long distance passages in small boats. In pursuit of these goals it has become an international association of people of similar interests: First, in reporting and recording the adventures of small boat sailors. Second, in recognizing significant voyages and acts of heroism at sea. And third, in keeping sea history alive, especially the memory and legacy of Captain Joshua Slocum. In June 1998, the Society promoted and attended ceremonies in Bristol and Newport, R.I. and Fairhaven, Mass. celebrating the centennial of Joshua's return from his solo voyage around the world.

Among it's members were sailors: circumnavigators, deep water passage-makers, yachtsmen, boat builders, and small boat sailors; and non-sailors: former sailors, "arm-chair sailors", historians, and direct descendants of Joshua.

Members of the Society volunteered to act as "Port Captains" to greet traveling Society members in cities across the U.S. and a dozen countries around the world. The activities of the members and first-hand accounts of their adventures wre shared in the annual journal, "The Spray", and the periodic newsletter, "Spray, Ahoy!" - Many members exchanged information via the Internet. Events were held to keep the accomplishments of Captain Slocum before the public by offering sailboat race trophies at pram races for young sailors and at radio controlled model sailboat races for the disabled.

The Society was governed by a board of directors and four officers. Members are offered the unique Slocum Society burgee and other souvenirs and books. Membership was open to any interested party without prerequisite.

The Joshua Slocum Society International (JSSI) was unfortunately disbanded in July 2011. This site is being maintained for historical reasons.

Burgee The Society's burgee (flag) is the house flag of the last commercial sailing outfit that employed Joshua Slocum



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