Robert Graf
Drifter Way

Departed Port Renfrew Vancouver Island  July 2nd 2005 , Direct for Hiva oa  Arrived August 19th (Autona) my second longest passage).  I stopped many places in the Pacific and left the boat in N.Z. for 2 months then sailed to New Plymouth for my starting point for Australia. Direct to Gladstone then  I passed north of Australia  and around The cape of Good Hope. I sailed direct from Cape Town to Trinidad , departed Cape town October 4th 2006 and arrived Chagaramas Trinidad  November 25th  2006.  A 52 day passage my longest as expected as the trades had not filled in. I left my boat in Trinidad till  November 8th 2007 and sailed direct to Panama. It took about a week to get thought the Panama canal once I arrived, things were a bit  intense as I had had no reverse gear since Australia. I anchored one night in the Pacific off Panama City then sailed for Hawaii, giving up 19 days later and anchoring at Port Angel Mexico to wait for the trades. Departed for Hillo  on  Dec 28th 2007  and crossed my out bound track on January 19th 2008 at  approximately N 21degrees 22 min. by W130 degrees 42 min . or 1275 miles east of Hawaii, log states "Could use some wind". Arrived Radio Bay  January 31st 2008.  Departed  for Canada  Feb 28th 2008 arrived back at Port Renfrew  March 22nd 2008 after the toughest passage I have experienced to date.

My boat is a Roberts Spray built by Frank Thiessen at Whistler B.C. and trucked to the ocean. Frank died in a freak accident in the far east before he achieved his goal which was to sail the world in DrifterWay. I bought her from his sisters. Many times when things got rough out there and DrifterWay stood to and brought me out of it I would say out loud "Frank you built a good boat"  Maybe he kept me out of trouble as much as Slocum and the "Spray" 

The roughest water for me was off South Africa bound for Richards bay and meeting 30 -40ft almost vertical walled waves in the Agullhas current as I neared port. Another tough time although of short duration was staring at water dripping off the welds on the bow of a freighter off the coast of Venesuala (I must have missed it by 20ft  at 0100hr on a very rainy night.

Major Path of Voyage:
Vancouver departure, Marquesas, Cook Islands, Nuie, Tonga, NewZeaLand, Australia, Maritius, South Africa, Trinidad, Panama, Mexico, Hawaii and then back to Vancouver.