Dodge D Morgan's Solo Circumnavigation

   Morgan's sail around, non-stop in 150 days, one-hour and six minutes was accomplished in 1985-1986 and was documented by D.H. "Nobby" Clarke who was the authenticator for Guinness in sailing ventures. He was the first American to sail around non-stop and in the process set thirteen solo sailing records, virtually all of which have been broken largely by competitors in solo, non-stop races begun several years after his voyage. His sail with American Promise was not in the context of a race, but was tracked by a transmit only Argos system on the boat.

Records Broken:

  1. Fastest solo passage from a North Atlantic post to (off) Capetown by a monohull: Bermuda to Capetown, 7095 miles in 43 days 16 hrs. 29 mins. = 162.4 m.p.d.
  2. Largest monohull sailed single handed from North to South Atlantic
  3. Fastest solo non-stop passage from Bermuda to Cape Horn: 18,511.9 miles in 108 days 1 hr 6 mins = 171.3 m.p.d.
  4. Fastest passage from Australasia to Cape Horn during a solo non-stop circuit. From the longitude of Horbart, Tasmania, to Cape Horn; 5690 miles in 32 days 16 hrs 46 mins =172.4 m.p.d.
  5. Largest monohull yacht to round the Horn single handed.
  6. First American single hander to round all five southernmost capes during a non-stop circumnavigation.
  7. Fastest 24 -Hour run during a single handed non-stop circumnavigation: 236 miles
  8. Fastest 7-Day run during a single handed non-stop circumnavigation: 1494 miles
  9. Fastest speed for a single handed monohull circumnavigation: 25,670 miles in 150 days 1 hr 6 mins = average speed 171.1 m.p.d. or 7.13 knots.
  10. Fastest time for a single handed true circumnavigation: 150 days 1 hr 6 mins.
  11. First occasion when a non-stop circumnavigator has beaten both time and speed of all previous single handed monohull records.
  12. Largest monohull yacht to complete a single handed non-stop circumnavigation.
  13. First American to complete a single handed non-stop circumnavigation.